PT Intisumber Bajasakti is one of Indonesia’s largest construction material distributor.
We specialize in the distribution of Iron, steel, galvanized sheets, pipes,
welding electrodes, cements and other building materials.


Founded in Padang in 1974 as a small steel retailer under the name Toko Sumber Baru. After more than 40 years of operation, PT Intisumber Bajasakti has expanded and grew to become a renowned company specializing in building material distribution.

Using our expertise we help serve many different customers ranging from small residential projects to high rise construction spread all over Indonesia.


Our vision is to be the largest and most complete construction material distributor in Indonesia


A distribution company with a creative and result oriented culture to produce quality, excellence, working spirit and enthusiasm, customer satisfaction and value added stakeholders.


PT Intisumber Bajasakti employing more than 1000 people with facilities and
warehouse spread all over Indonesia.


We operate based on trust and integrity. We expect our employees to hold the value of these two to their highest, not only when dealing business but also in their daily lives. We believe success is a twinning between trust and integrity and to achieve it one must keep on practicing them together. By doing so, we have secured our long term success.

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